Is there a way for my users to register and login with google with the click of a button?

I don't know if this is already answered but I can not find anything. is there a way for users to log in and register with their google account. this app will hopefully be published on the play store and the play store only.


@AppBuilder6571 there is a google login extension that I found on PuraVidaApps' extension directory.
But the extension was uploaded on the AppyBuilder Community, which has been closed. The web archive link doesn't help much either as it looks like a paid extension.

Is @Josteyver the extension developer?

You can sign into a google account using the webview, but this only covers activity in the webview.

If you mean using a google account as a login facility, you can use firebase authentication to handle this.

Otherwise, as suggested, search through extensions for something similar.