Is there a switch case extension instead of numerous if/then/else?

I tried, but could not find one. No relevant topic here either.

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How many if/then/else variants?

If there are so many, maybe what you needed was a table or dictionary lookup.

See the question/answer/score table in How do I program multiple choice questions that include different text for each wrong answer.
Because the score per answer is part of the table, there is no need for an if/then test to decide to add to a score or not, since the score increment is built into the table structure.

This is called table oriented programming.

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You could use the webviewer and run some javascript against your data...

returning the result with the webviewstring

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is that for AI2?

An opportunity for extension developers. In many programming languages it is called a Case statement. App Inventor would certainly benefit from a Case statement. I am not aware of any current extension that can do this with App Inventor.

For all the extension developers, here is some java code that shows how to write a Case statement that might help making an extension.


that will be awesome, btw, can anyone make list component more powerful such as sublist

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