Is there a reason we cannot delete list items from TinyWebDB?

Or is there some magic way to do it that I dont know about? I would like just 5 items to show up on the screen.

Also, when I concatenate two text strings ZI put // in between them, but when I put /// or ://: it still just puts in // - whats with that?

It is just a simple key:value pair online store. You have to selectively call each tag, therefore if you have the ones you want in a list you only get back the ones you want!

Alternatively you might want to try:

TinyWebDB php - Personal Edition - extended

For your "concatenation" use the pipe instead |||

Hey thanks - I am making a top 5 list with score // username which will get updated as new scores come in so I just want to be able to delete the last entry whenever a new score is entered.

Thanks also regarding the pipe but the concatenation works fine, I just want to have a value in the middle (ie // or ///) that is unique so I can search on it and retrieve only the score part in order to determine whether a new score deserves to be on the list. I just wondered why it wouldnt take ///. I can make it work either way.

'/' is special :wink:

: also I suppose?

I'll just find something else as a neutral separator - what about periods and dashes - anything special there?

Why don't you just use lists and save these to the tinywebDB ?


You can then call the tag value back, edit the list, and save again.

yeah, I do that - image below.

I went with the concatenated text approach because when I did it as list of lists there was no way to get rid of the parentheses. Using the "replace text" block didnt work, as discussed elsewhere in these pages. There is some obscure discussion of using dictionaries instead but the text approach seemed simpler. And I think I can make this work - it just isnt very elegant having a list that grows forever. You can see where I tried to brute force remove some entries but it didnt work, which I do not understand. I do not understand why there is not a simple way to delete entries in TinyWebDB,

Here are some simple example blocks for how to use a list with tinywebDB (there are other ways). They show how the list is loaded, and how to remove an item and add an item.

tinywebDB is a bit limited, and you cannot necessarily rely on the data always being there.

You may have more luck with the additional features of cloudDB.

Hey Tim (are you by any chance TIM THE BEAVER ? )

It appears that when I log out and then log back in that all the data I stored on TinyWebDB is gone and I have to start afresh.

Is that how its supposed to be? And is there a way to change that?

Oops I left a block out:

hey thanks - re my prior, sorry, I made a dumb mistake - I saved an empty list, so no wonder it couldnt find anything

hey thanks - I wondered why you put the clock thing in but having just tried it without that I see the problem

does tinywebDB flush every night? the last several days I have put stuff in and then the next day the query returns nothing - what the heck is going on?

Quite possibly, it is only there for testing really....

thanks for the quick reply - is there no positive info on this? I'm just surprised

By default, the TinyWebDB component stores data on a test service provided by App Inventor, . This service is helpful for testing, but it is shared by all App Inventor users, and it has a limit of 1000 entries. If you use it, your data will be overwritten eventually.

As mentioned before, try cloudDB, more features (blocks) and the MIT offering has recently had an upgrade, more likely to retain data, as long as you do not throw GBs at it.

Or as also mentioned, run your own tinywebDB

yes, thanks, I will do that, I have just been focusing on getting the code running first - I am coaching an all-girls robotics team and it is not easy staying ahead of 12-year-olds.