Is the Live Server Down now?

Is the Live Server Down now(4th April 2021 10:47 pm Oman Time)?
I have to conduct one exam tomorrow morning.
What to do if the server goes down during exam?

Your examiners will have a solution for that.

At the moment, Companion live builds, the emulator link works and App Inventor 2 is building the apk just fine.

What kind of problem are you experiencing @Someshvar_Vashisht

Not here in Texas

Even now Companion and Emulator not working.
Build Server is working.

press OK and continue. You can also check the Use Legacy Connection on your Companion prior to Connect.

Users get that message when there is some latency in the Internet connection. It is usually ephemeral and disappears.

My status tracker indicates 15 servers are active with an average load of 20% (which is low)

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Hi! Steve!
Working with legacy Connection.
Thanks a lot !
You guys are doing a grt job!

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