Is the extension-template version dependent?

Please pardon my ignorance. I'm trying to set up a development environment for the first time...

Does it matter that the Extension Template Repository hasn't been updated since Sept '22? More specifically, the jar files in the extension-deps repo are from v190.

According to the release notes, nb192 was a bugfix but nb191 was a Component Release. Or, because the API hasn't changed, maybe it doesn't matter.

If I do need to update the deps, is that process outlined anywhere?

Thanks for providing this!

Of course, the extension compiles in the updated environment. Sources from a few months ago are not compatible with Android 12.

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This is only a problem if you intend to interact with new components released since the last update of the repo. I have just updated it with v192 so it should be good to go.

If you've already checked out the repo, you can run ./ v192 to pull all of the deps needed for v192.

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