Is that good behavior for split.text?

For example, I have the text "iiiiiiiii" and I want to split it with split.text to create a list. I want to use "i" as a sign of separation. The list is empty and has a length of 0. Shouldn't a list of eight empty elements be created like with the "make a list" method and adding 8 empty text boxes to it?

If all you want is a list of empty strings try

If you wanted to break something, congratulations.

I came across it by accident. I need a fixed-length list generated from text. There are sentences or words in the text that can contain different characters. Commas and spaces as well. I set the division mark to "||" because I figured it would be rarely used after all. I could use what you suggested, but if there is a comma in the text, it will split the text incorrectly. I solved it in a slightly different way. I'm just curious if it's a bug or is it supposed to work like that?

More fun:


Once with a space, once without :upside_down_face: .