Is TaifunTM compatible with the IOS AI Companion?

Hello! I posted here a few days ago regarding the compatibility of firebase and the IOS AI Companion. I'm trying out Taifun Extensions: The tools extension to be more specific, but when I run it on my phone I get the following error:

Error from Companion: error: undefined variable. (irritants: yail/com.puravidaapps.TaifunTM

Is this because it's not compatible? Thanks

It is presently impossible to use any extension when compiling an iOS app Mauricia, Extensions only are usable with Android.

With AI2 for iOS, extensions cannot be used at the moment, neither with Companion nor with the compiled app (ipa). Apple doesn't allow this. If this should still be possible later, extensions for iOS would have to be written in Swift (for Android these are programmed in Java).