Is my app useful?

Hello! I have made an app that calculates your age and tells it to you in Days, Months, Seconds and in DDMMYYYY format. This app can also calculate when will your next birthday come. I have posted this to know if my app is useful or just a piece of junk for people. Please tick 'Yes' if you think it is useful.

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Here's the code of this app -

And these are a few screenshots -

What if someone puts a future birthdate?

It will not be accepted and you will receive an error message from my notifier component

Please note that every calculation is done according to the current date (16-9-2020)

Hi, I would like to vote for “unsure” too.
However, you could make your app very useful to yourself by trying to improve it.
Maybe you could read about lists and dictionaries and figure out how you can use these to make your app much better and shorter.

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Show the result (for example) for these dates (birthday: Sept. 17, 2010 and today: Sept. 17, 2020) from your blocks (→ Do it Result) like this:

I am not sure if I get what you are asking(and showing). But are you asking me to show you a 'Do It' result?

Sorry for inconvenience but maybe I have downloaded the older version of my app and all of the screen shots are useless.

Yes, the result of my example should be 1 year and 1 day. But using date / timer it returns 2 days / 3 days. So show the result from your blocks.

I will revert back later with the correct screenshots of the app running.

Sorry but it is very difficult for me to do what you have asked I am really confused as to how do I do it.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion! Dictionaries in App Inventor are really useful! Actually this was my first project which I made from out of my school syllabus plus I didn't know about other components as I had just started working on App Inventor. The dictionaries reduced my code to an extent I could even believe!

Post a screenshot like this:
(Btw, check your seconds!)


Please ignore that as the results are all wrong because the screenshots you can see are of the older version of the app and are incorrect