Is mit app inventor target sdk is 30?

is mit app inventor builder support android 11 ??

Currently no, Target is SDK 29 (Android 10). Most App Inventor Apps built with the latest release (nb186a) will run on Android 11. However, Android 11 has some draconian security measures in place which affect Apps made on all programming platforms.

Means Android 11 will never come in app Inventor ?? Because Google is launching new android 12 we still don't have android 11 :disappointed_relieved::disappointed:

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Like Chris said not at the moment but it will come. Just be patient.

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To reiterate, you can run your apps with App Inventor just fine on Android 11. Starting in August, Google Play Store will require all new apps to target SDK 30 (Android 11) and all updated apps will need to target SDK 30 by November. This doesn't prevent you from installing your own app on your own device using sideloading, it only affects apps in the store. Your app will continue to work fine even if it targets a lower SDK number. Typically, we do the SDK update over the summer as to minimize disruption in the northern hemisphere school year.


No they are not! Android 12 is pencilled-in for September, if all goes well. However, like everything else, Covid is in the way, so the launch might be later than that. Then it's down to phone manufacturer and age of phone, with Google Pixels having priority.

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Thank you so much @ChrisWard @ewpatton now I can understand properly :brain:


I downloaded source code from GitHub of your app Inventor So can you tell me where I can increase SDK API target I means which file I need to modify in app Inventor source code. I use that version on my computer I don't know which file give target SDK API for our app can you tell me the file name

Edit:. I got here so if I change does it effects offline app Inventor

In this I founded Android-29 folder I might have to replace with android-30 folder but where I can download it ???

Hello uq_n

You cannot simply modify the SDK API number. For App Inventor to produce bonafide v30 Apps for Android 11, all of the changes Google has made to Android and to the Security Rules have to be incorporated. That requires a lot of skilled work and time.