Is MIT app inventor best choice for me or not?

Hi all,
I am new here and would like to know if MIT app inventor is the best choice for me or not before I spend time learning it.
I would like to build an app connected to Arduino mega to control a DC motor speed and read values from temperature senses. DC motor speed. can I do it on MIT app inventor ?
also I would like to know if MIT app inventor allow me using the created app offline and changing the logo of the app ?
which langurs is the MIT app inventor uses?
can I see the code script?
and last but not least, is it easy to learn building apps on MIT app inventor?

best regards guys and thanks in advance

Yes, You can do it.

You can also do that.

What do you mean? Are you thinking of languages.

Mmmm. I think you cannot

Yes it is very easy. I have learned all the components and blocks in just 2 months.

I think it is helpful :smile: :partying_face:
Ruthenium Alpha

AI2 uses Yail which gets compiled in Java.

What do you mean by langurs?

sorry it is typo, I meant language. it is just because i need to provide my employee with an app that uses common language like Java. so when they hire a programmer after I leave he or she can add or remove some features on the app

I found on the MIT app inventor community this link to convert from MIT to Java developed by the university of San Francisco

have anyone use it before?

I recommend Kodular.
It is a clone of AppInventor.
It has many components.
Its UI is cool.

This project has been "dead" for several years, and doesn't work on the current App Inventor.

Working in App Inventor does not require the developer to use any programming language as such, because you program with blocks. You do not need to know Java, but some underlying knowledge of javascript and html would help when dealing with the webviewer/web component.


why are you here ???


thank you guys about the quick response to my questions, I have one more question though,
could I have four pages on one app, each page for each sense and can be tap it from the toolbar? does MIT provides flexible environment to customise the background and the look of each page and add logo or pic on it or not?

Yes, all of those things. See here for a demo of tabbed screens

haha nice question


There are manual techniques to rewrite an AI2 app in Java, described by Derek Banas on YouTube, at

I would prototype in AI2, then convert to Java for professional turnover (with documentation, of course.)


Ya I think its the best option.

Kodular doesn't have a cool interface. Everything stuck together and you don't know where what is. Most of the elements that are in kodular can be added in appinventor using extensions.


Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages to both (AI2 & Kodular). From my point of view, one of the most important advantages of Kodular is that you can set the → packageName there. Most things (components) that are missing in AI2 are possible with extensions, as @Patryk_F said. But unfortunately not → ExoPlayer.

On the other hand, AI2

  • is more reliable / stable,
  • has fewer bugs,
  • bugs are fixed much faster,
  • already uses the AndroidX libraries,
  • switching screens is faster and
  • APKs are smaller

Also, the iOS version of AI2 may be launched soon.

I came back to AI2 with a some projects that I initially developed in AI2 and then later switched to Kodular.