Is Location Sensor working in South Korea?

Location sensor of appinventor is working in south korea?

If it is working, Can I making Navigation by appinventor in south korea?

Sorry; I can test that; what I can tell you is that it is working everywhere else in the world.

Yes. You can try the aia and tutorial

Be aware, to work; your device must have a GPS receiver, you must test your device near a window or outside (so the gps receiver can get a signal from the gps satellites) and your device Location Setting must be set to allow Location and gps.

Why not try the tutorial, load the aia then report on your results?

In South Korea, Location Sensor is not working....

"No address available" is shown. Why?

Not working? Please read * Using the Location Sensor. There are two aia files with the tutorials. Load the aia as a Project and run it. What happens?

"No address available" is shown. Why?

No address available most frequently means that an address is not available in Google's database for the specific geocoordinates determined by the LocationSensor / gps receiver.

The default geocoordinates for the LocationSensor, prior to a LocationChanged event is 0,0 . This location is the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa. If you attempt to get the CurrentAddress for 0 latitude, 0 longitude, the 'address' is rendered as No address available.
Are the geocoordinates reported 0,0 ?

Some geocoordinates are rural areas; farmer's fields, desert etc. Naturally, No address available for them. Sometimes a location is in a congested city street where street addresses are confusing such that no address is determined from the database. The CurrentAddress LocationSensor blocks ONLY work if your device is connected with WIFI or a Mobil Network because the LocationSensor must access an online Google database.

Here is how the CurrentAddress block works: HOW TO: Parse a LocationSensor's Current Address by SteveJG . This tutorial has an attached aia file. You might load the Project and report to us what happens. kamsahamida (감사합닏) :slight_smile:

Receiving No address available usually means you are not receiving a satellite fix or there is an issue with your Blocks. You did not share an image of the code Blocks you expect to show a location so we can not tell what might be wrong with your Blocks.

Does this explanation help you?

In South Korea.pdf (182.9 KB)

StatusChanged( provider , status ) Indicates that the status of the location provider service has changed, such as when a provider is lost or a new provider starts being used.

You should NOT use the StatusChanged Block

Use this code instead and you will have a better result

Load the aia; run the Project; press the Start GPS button; wait 30 to 60 seconds while the GPS receiver learns where it is (satellite fix).
verySimpleLocationSensor.aia (2.7 KB)

Does it work?

Thanks for your coding. But It's not working.

Only my com/mobile is not working... Other country or Asian country is working?????

What phone are you using? Does it have an GPS sensor? Is it enabled?

The LocationSensor works everywhere! You might answer Peter's questions. Your answers might supply a clue to why your code is not working. You could also post your Project aia; someone might look at it.

  • the code you posted indicates that that code is on Screen3. Is the LocationComponent on Screen3 or on Screen1. That might be your problem

  • are you trying to test your app on the emulator? The emulator will not work with the LocationSensor; it does not have a gps receiver. ; you must use a real Android device that has a gps receiver and you must be connected with WIFI or network to use the CurrentAddress block (because the app needs to check Google's database).

What is not working? The CurrentAddress or you do not get any location information at all?

We want to help but you are not providing enough information needed for us to help you. The example code is 'not working?" What do you see when you run the example app?