Is it really possible to compile an AIX COMPLETELY offline?

Is it really possible to compile an AIX COMPLETELY offline in smartphone? I require this as I am creating an IDE for Android.

There is more than one possibility. One of them is called Rush


Is it possible on Android? After reading it I got confused :thinking:

Oh you mean on your phone? There once was an android version of App Inventor on Google Play. It was very very slow. :grin:

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Oh ok. I guess the best way is to emulate PC Operating System (Linux, or Windows) and then compile! What do you think? :slight_smile:

Why not trying it yourself and see if it works? :laughing:

Guaranteed to work. :slight_smile:


Maybe i have something like that


How did you compile, can you please show the code?

The code is huge, he has been working on it for months.

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~5,000 lines of code? or ~150,000?

I don't expect it to be written in App Inventor (maybe Android Studio).

Yes, it is possible. Let's take Rush as an example.

As Rush works on Linux, it is possible to run that on a Linux/bash (or whatever you call it) environment. Termux is one of them.

However, as far I tested, Rush only has one release for Linux which is in x86-64 architecture, so as mobile devices has different architectures (for example my phone is aarch64), it can't execute Rush as it is not compatible. (Termux executes the code natively, it doesn't emulate a computer.)

That said, Rush is open source, I could add different architectures in the code, however I'm not familiar with the Rush's code at the moment. Maybe someone else can do that. :grin:


It's a patched version of JavaC tool :upside_down_face:

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Yeh, made on Android studio

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