Is it possible to use file in IOS

How can I e.g. use a textile in IOS? Is there any access to the filesystem of the iPhone?

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Yes, but the app can only write to its own sandbox. You can't use a file to share content between two different apps, for example. The companion app will share its sandbox via iTunes so that you can read/write files to its sandbox from your computer.

Thank you. Which format is the path and filename for that?


  • File component:

  • Camera:

This information has proved helpful thank you.
Further to this, is it possible to use the ListDirectory block within the File Componant?
I have tried variations of scope and directoryName. All result in the following runtime error:
"undefined variable. Irritants: (yail/call-component-method-with-blocking-continuation)".
Any help or pointers would be appreciated.

Not yet. We need to push an iOS version through App Store Review to add this function. Expect to see it in the next iOS update.

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Again, helpful.
I’ll wait.