Is it possible to switch off screen turnings?

I am using several screens in my program. All of them are in landscape mode and I am not using screen animations. By switching between the screens they shortly switch to portrait mode and back.
-> Is it possible to suppress this turnings?
Thanks for replay!

(Basically It works like this: You push a button on Screen A. Screen A closes and an "empty" Screen B opens to make a Database-update in the backround. Then Screen B closes automatically and opens Screen C.)

Hello Alexander

You can preset the Screen Orientation in the Designer Palette. You have to set every screen individually.

See here also:

I'm not sure that's an App Inventor bug - it does require investigating but observing the video, it looks as though the phone has the auto (sensor) setting on and that initially sets the orientation before the App does. The auto setting on my P30 is completely wild and the Samsung it replaced was too smart as well.

The solution would be to use Virtual Screens.