Is it possible to send/recieve data from multiple esp32 on one app?

How would i make it possible, if i want to send and recieve data from app to esp and from esp to app? (by bluetooth?)

Bluetooth only work between 2 devices(maybe 3 on special occasions). But, you can connect the ESP32 modules with each other over WiFi, making one master and multiple slaves, and you can send and receive data from them though the master over BT.


Do you have by chance something like that with BT or even in WiFi like a guide?

As I wrote it BT is a paired connection. You cannot connect more than 2 devices over BT. But, you can over WiFi. ESP32 SoftAP allows maximum 10 devices to connect. If you config one ESP32 to acces point and the others to stations. You can even connect to the master ESP32 over BT and that ESP32 send the command to the right slave ESP32 over Wifi.
I do not have example. There are BT and WiFi examples for ESP32 in @Juan_Antonio 's examples. Watch them.

You can search on google there are exammples of multiple ESP32 communications. I would say if you set up the connectionss the easiest way of communicating ESP's with each other is via http requests. Or depends on the data you want to send maybe via simple sockets is enough. If you got the idea how to start ask and we help.

Or if you let the BT out of it and you have a router then you only have to connect everything to the router and send the command from the phone to the one ESP you want to send to.