Is it possible to send a photo via cloudbd?

I would like to transfer a photo using CloudDB
to receive it in another mobile phone without using other components for falro is it possible?

Yes, you can upload binary images to cloudDB. CloudDB will convert the image to base64 and store it as a base64 string. Then when you retrieve it from cloudDB it is returned as a binary image.

You need to provide a full file path to the image when assigning the image as a value to a tag, for example:

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Isn't it that you could send me a .aia file for how to proceed, or some images with the blocks that I have to use and where to insert the path? Unfortunately I'm not that good at figuring out how to do it even if you explain it to me, it becomes a problem. thank you and sorry if I take this opportunity but it is very important.

This might help Transferring images via cloud db

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Many thanks, you have been really kind now I try it and I will be able to tell you, have a nice day.

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You can also do this to store to a TinyDB How do I store an image in MIT App Inventor?