Is it possible to see rows in a lista View using a Gviz query?

Dear community,

I've been trying ti fin the better way filter some information from an spreadsheet, in order to make easier for the user to see the only necessary information.

The next image can show in a easiest way the process

then in the next image there is and spreadsheet

As far as the info search and the advises. the better way to do this is with and gviz query i think that select words search in the spinner to see only those colums.

but my question is if I can see the columns in the list view, because always that I can the info taken from a gviz query it is shown in a label.

and then if someone knows a way to make this in a another way for example with block or a filter code in the spread sheet that will really help me

thanks in advance

On clicking the clamp, do you want to get these two rows info?


Hi spicy,

I mean when clicking on an spinnner, chosing the option, I want to get the info with the same word chossen in the colum B from the spreadsheet

for example chose OPERACIONES and only see the rows in the colum B that contain the word OPERACIONES

have you tried this in gviz function tq= SELECT A,C WHERE B='SPINNER SELECTION'

ok , and those the rows could be shown on a list view ?

you will get the result as list items


Here i run to take A,B,C where B=1001. So it returns three ROWS.. Each row will be counted as a list. So here i am getting three list.. And each list contain further three items..

great, just what I need, now let me work on it and I will go back to say how does it works

see how it works in app, we can customonise the result in any direction such way we need

great! I am going to work on It, I apreciate your help

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But keep in mind, since your fikterimg the col based on text you must add ' in front of the word also at the end of the word by using join block. Here i filtered wiyh number so no such things are needed

Select A, C where B='selection'


actually I try the code and It works but not yet like it should,

let me show you the bloks


the colums 3 & 4 are the one that needs to be shown in the list view

how with the selection OPERACIONES in colums 2 we could only see just the rows that contain this world,

do you know the way how to do it with blocks?

Please I will really apreciate your help

I guess is something like this


but actually I do not works yet

Check your combined Web1.Url, there are some errors ....<SpreadsheetID/


&range=<A1 notation range reference>&tq=SELECT....

Ok, I check It and I get back

Ok. so is there ike this?

you know how can we handle the where cointains and the selection do the spinner

just to make the filter


I even try with the adress
but is not still working, what I can see is that it do not read the Where


You forgot to call the Web Get method after defining the URL
And it looks like you are expecting to receive the result magically directly after setting the URL... this is not the case... the web component works asynchronously, which means you receive the result in the Web GotText event...
See also METRIC RAT AI2 - Use gviz to get and query google sheet data


Hi @Arturo, I was slept. BTW you have committed three mistakes..

  1. In the no. 1 it should be like B= 'get selection' but you've added B=get selection

  2. You have not added call web1. Get just below the web url

  3. You have added the No2. In image in the same place, but it shoild go in web got text. Pls see the image have added in my previous post

Clearly i have mentioned in the previous post


thanks for the answer

I let me tell you more about the previous codes

web get.text already have info


because the first thing that the app does is read the spread sheet

and Now when I run the code for the gviz query is not working

it shows me this image


and now what It confuse me is that with the read all we can select the items in the list view and update them and this is one of the main funtion of the app

so can you tell me if we need to create a new code for in the web for the query ? or is it posible to make the filter wirth bloks or even with app script ?

I aready make the instructions that you told me


Found your problems, As i guess.,

  1. to use gviz you need to give sheet atleast viewer permission
  2. You have used if then else in web got text, but instead of that try to use multiple if then
  3. In that case when spinner got selection you must set global fun to anyither word and use such condition in web got text

4 else use gviz query in the script editor too