Is it possible to read partial data of a txt file?

Hello, I am a newcomer and I want to load a txt file to my app. After loading the txt file I don't want to read every data/sentence that is written in the txt file. Is this possible? There are some unwanted data and sentences are written on the file. I learned how to load and read txt file but I cannot find partial reading of uploaded file. Maybe there are some filters for this. Thanks for help

No, the file component can only read the complete file

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Thanks for the answer, Is there a possible way to get only one data in the excel file? If I can give the row and column index can I get only one data?

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Use a Google Spreadsheet to filter rhe data


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Do you want to read first n bytes of the file or somewhere middle in the file?

Hi @Kumaraswamy i read the post, and i get interested in the topic, how can we READ and TAKE some info from (somewhere middle in the file)?
It's like scrapping.
I need to take only a Math VALUE like a constant, only change with some circumstances.
This is in html files and in txt too (like log files).
I don't like the idea of scrapping, because i am not doing it in an illegal way (sound illegally and i don't want it, like this), but the web cannot share the info in a good way, the api i use, it's messy and do not share the info in a proper way.
If you like i can write you by mp and i can tell you the context.
The app is for educational purpose.

Hello, let's say I created a txt file and write something like "Status: Clear , ID:255". Now I want to get word "Clear" only. Or maybe I want "255" or "ID:255". I think my question is better now.

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Maybe JSON and dictionaries would work for you?


Provide example text file content

Hello It is confidential but I made similar example for your question.
example.txt (161 Bytes)

Let's say I want to take "ProductIDVer=9" under the [ID] and "ControlEnabled=1" under the [1].

You can use a regular expression to search the text, after reading the text file, with a
regular expressions extension.

Either switch to a standard JSON file format to benefit from dictionary functionality or search this board for samples of my 'shred' procedure.