Is it possible to package non project java file with extension?

Hello dear @ewpatton, is it possible to package extension with non project java file with the extension by any way?

Or by editing build.xml file?

If it's possible then please help me to add non project java classes with the extension.

It's very needed to add for the uses .aar dependency.

(Thanks for your valuable time)

AAR libraries are not supported in extensions at this time.

Sir, I've read the PR by Jarlisson. When will this be implemented in App Inventor? It's been 2 years since this was suggested.

Vagrant installation tutorial

Actually my question was, can I pack the extension with non package related java files?

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You could just put built class package files in jar, open it using WinRAR
(I do same to inject my R.class in aixs)

You mentioned and .aar dependency in your post, which is why my response was relevant.

Generally, you cannot include sources for packages outside of your extension's package. Instead, those packages need to be separately compiled into a .jar file and then you would include the jar file in @UsesLibraries.


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Hello! Is there a vagrant installation tutorial

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