Is it possible to listen a record song before saving it?

Hello MIT app inventor com !

I would like to know if there is a way to listen a song I record before saving it to the phone.
I found nothing on internet..

What has this got to do with AI2?

I am making an application who record song with the microphone and save it, as a tape recorder, and I would like to listen the recorded song before save it, but I don't find how to do it.

thank for your answer, sorry for not being specific enough..

The only way to listen to the recording is to play the recording. You cannot play a recording with Player unless the recording is downloaded (saved) to your phone or stored offline.

You can store the recording on your device or possibly in Google Drive.

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Save it temporary directory after recording and play it from temporary location. later if you want to save it permanently move to a new directory else delete it

Ok, thank you for your answers !

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Yes, I also have apps in the Play Store that can record the user's voice. And of course, before the user finally saves the recording, the user should be able to listen to the recording beforehand as a rehearsal. Only when the recording was satisfactory should the recording be saved for good.

By the way, it is best to use a WAV recorder for this, as the sound quality with the SoundRecoder component is really cruel.

It looks like this on one of my apps:


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I finally found a way with tinyDB, thanks you all for answering me !

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To what extent is this a solution to your problem? What does TinyDb have to do with it?
As a reminder, your question was: "Is it possible to listen to a record song before saving it?"

with TinyDB, I can listen to my song without saving it in the phone

No, TinyDB has nothing to do with that.
You cannot play a sound, that is not saved in your device.
Apart from that, the SoundRecorder needs an absolute path.

I removed the solution marker, otherwise other users will be confused.