Is it possible to generate a new .csv file from app inventor?

Hello, I currently created an app that takes attendance for company meetings. Every attendee that assists the meeting will have to log in and then their information will be registered into a .csv file in google sheets. If I wanted to, for example, create a new meeting list in google sheets, from the app, would i be able to do that from app inventor? other than using web viewer? (in other words i can create a new .csv file from the app or would i have to log into google sheets to create the .csv and then take attendance)

Yes, you can use the File Component to save the .csv:


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If you are working directly with Google Sheets, you can write a google apps script to either create a new spreadsheet, and grab the File ID, or create a new worksheet(tab/sheet) in the an existing spreadsheet and create a name for it.