Is it possible to do this?

Hello everyone!
I'm trying to create an app for a college project, i've never developed anything in android before, so i thought the app inventor would be a less painfull choice. The app is suposed to be really simple, it is going to controll some preferences of a smart shower, it needs to connect via BLE to an ESP32 device and receive and send information from and to it.

The app would have a page to connect the device, and then would go to a page to choose a profile, this profile would be password protected (the name and the password would be received from the ESP when connected), and when you log in, you could set some preferences like time (in minutes), temperature, and change password and profile name. All this data would be kept in the ESP memory. The number of profiles could be constant, and have default settings that would be changed when we first log in to the profile. I'm having trouble to create a default login page to use for all de profiles and in how to receive and send a TXT or XML file via the BLE.
If anyone can give me some directions i would be glad,