Is it possible to display a "list of list " of numbers as an image in app inventor?

Hi every one!

I am going to make an app to do image processing with MIT app inventor, I have already written the relevant code in MATLAB, where I have more experience, I did not use any predefined function and have written whole of the code from basic to be able to rewrite that in App Inventor:

is it possible to define a 2D matrix in app inventor or I can just use the list of list?
can I display the final processed matrix as an image? and how?
can I change the image of a canvas by doing computation on its pixels while the canvas is unvisible? (to be shown after finishing the process)
is there any source, link, book ,etc to teach doing image processing in app inventor environment? ( I just found an image processing extention in my search, and it is just to combine two images and some other elementary things.

thank you in advance for your helps,