Is it possible to count from the end backwards in a textbox

I have this text in a textbox:

PEPE Telf. +34 XXXXXXXXX pcabota

is it possible to count how many words there are from the end to the first blank space?
I would need to delete that text, but it is not always the same nor does it always have the same length, what is always the same is that there is a space at the end and another before starting the text to delete

Thanks in advanced

Split at blanks to get a list.

Reverse the list.

Remove item 1

Reverse the list

Join the list with space separators

or maybe..

Which means, you like to get the first word, which is PEPE in the example?

Use the split at spaces block to get a list
Use the select list item block to select the first item to get PEPE


no, i want to delete pcabota in this exemple, but is not always the same

where are this blocks ?

sorry i finded it

thanks i try

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thanks , work perfect :slight_smile:

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