Is it possible to copy component layout from one project to another?

I know I can copy blocks between projects using the backpack, but this is of limited use unless I can also copy the component layout that the blocks correspond to. Is it possible to do this? It would be of great assistance if so. I have seen posts where a copy and paste of components is stated to be possible, but how is the copy actually implemented?
I have tried highlighting the components in the Designer, but right-mouse click does not bring up a menu, and ctrl-C in the source project followed by ctrl-V the target project's designer pane yields nothing. Any suggestions?

@TonyR Yes you can. Press ctrl-c on a component (or for copying more than one at a time, layout), and then switch to your other app or project, and press Ctrl-v.

Nota Bene: Do not use the Vertical Table Arrangements. This is the newest layout component and it has many bugs in it, one of them occurring when you ctrl-c,v, inside of it. Instead, use alternating VA's and HA's and manually make a Table.


Great! It worked! It saved a lot of time and effort.!