Is it possible to change the theme of the default splash screen

I opened an app made with App Inventor on my phone, and then the splash screen with the app icon appeared. The splash screen looked good, but the background color was too bright. So I'm wondering if we can change the theme of the splash screen, like adding a background image or just changing the background color.


Nope :frowning:

Well, it will depend on how you created your Splash Screen. If it is an image, you should modify that image, or if it is an Arrangement, you can modify the background color...

Nah, I didn't create the splash screen, I guess it is probably created by App Inventor

I believe this is a device dependent feature, I do not see this "splash screen" on any of my devices for AI2 created installed apps ?

neither me....I thought you had created it

Just figured it out:

I didn't know that part existed until I scrolled down :skull:

Are you using AI2offline?

Is that even possible???