Is it possible to add (+) all the elements in a list?

Is it possible to add (+) all the elements in a list (they are all numbers)? The number of elements is not known (increases with each addition)

accumulator.aia (3.8 KB)

Capture Select to Delete Selected item 2

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Thank you very much

  1. Is it possible to make it show the numbers saved when the application was launched (or with the button) without entering new numbers?

  2. And is it possible to add the current date to the numbers in lpkEntries? (But this is optional).

Thanks again

Yes it is very much possible!

Use this to store the list

The next time you run the app use this code -

What do you mean by "IpkEntries?? :thinking:

this is in the code that ABG suggested above

ohhh.... it's a name of a component :sweat_smile:

You can add date this way -


This is starting to look like a table, with two columns

  • date
  • number
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