Is it possible for the AI companion to generate a permanent QR code (or ID)?

i need a permanent code or ID for a project
is it possible?

and could i pack my app as ipa. , or is it possible to transform apk. to ipa.

Depends on what you mean by that ?

You can use the iOS to create a project, but it is not yet possible to compile/distribute an ipa.


i mean if I use connect > AI companion to generate a code and a QR code, but it will change every time i generate it, right?
is it possible to use a same code or QR code every time I generate it, or maybe make the code permanent.

No, a new code is generated every time.

Niotron has this feature.
You can login in companion and thus you don't need to manually enter the code.

i use iphone12 mini today, but when I connect to ai companion , it shows "Extensions are not currently supported by iOS devices"
could it be fix or not
thanks for helping

maybe next time i will use it, thank you for recommend

Currently, extensions are not available for iOS. It may be quite some time before this feature becomes available, and most probably, extensions would need to be rewritten in Swift/other, for them to work correctly. Don't hold your breath, if you want to work with extensions, then stick to Android devices.