Is it Possible? Dynamically created ScrollView

AI has the ListView where you can create a scrollable, selectable, text list of elements.

A different UI that I've used (B4X) has a control called a ScrollView. This is like a ListView, but instead of rows of text, you can create rows of dynamically created UI elements. For example you might create a row based on a HorizontalArrangement layout control. Each HorizontalArrangement might contain an image, a checkbox, a label, and a textbox. This whole thing could then be assigned as an element of the ScrollView. You would end up creating one of these dynamic, HorizontalArrangement based elements per row.

This type of thing is handy when you allow the user to modify a database, for example. Each row corresponds to the columns of a row in the database. The user makes changes to a row, maybe text, numeric, or boolean values, then the whole thing saved back to the database.

Is this already available? Maybe I'm not looking in the right place.



Thanks. I also found the example:

[5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide]

I need to study these more, but they look exactly like what I was searching for.

Yep, it can take a bit of work to create a layout, but once done, the results are exceptional :wink: