Is it now possible to export directly into iOS files?

Hey, I read some articles from a year ago, wich actually just said that MIT App Inventor is beta testing the direct export functionality to iOS.

So here's the Question:

Is it now possible to export my App made with App Inventor to iOS, so I can publish it to the App Store?

On the homepage of App Inventor it sais: Build your own Android AND iOS Apps.

Kind Regards!

As you've noted, the iOS build capability is currently restricted to limited members of the community while we test the functionality. You're welcome to test your projects using the MIT App Inventor companion app published in the App Store. We will publicly open up the build functionality once we are comfortable with its performance.

Allright, how much time you think you need to publish the feautere?
Is it possible that I can apply to the testing program?

Kind Regards