Is in list block bug (value in unintended scientific notation)

I got an interesting bug. I have a list of smart card's UIDs, which consists approximately of 5600 records. In my app I need to find, is certain uid in list. If yes - first function starts, if no - second. I noticed, that app worked not properly, like uid is absent, but first function started.
For debugging I made this blocks

And got this result:

I have fixed it by comparing tag_id and tag_temp with "compare texts" block but suprising that "is in list" block compares not properly.

BTW, it is a single uid from 5600, which compared incorrectly.

AppInventor is reading your value 592e0552 as a number not a string - see here:

Also see here for a workaround

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Understood. Not a bug, but a feature :slight_smile:

Thank you for explanation.
I've added "compare texts" instead of Notifier block, so, in my case it is a solution.

It would be much more convenient, if would this block compare list elements like string. Interesting - is it possible?

Changing an established block (is in list) is hard, because of backward compatibility impossibility.

Working around this by using the tag IDs as TinyDB tags or dictionary keys would be easier to try, and would fit that 5600 item scale more.

This is a solution for me.

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