Is FireBase actually safe?

I have read about a story of someone who got a bill of 30k from firebase.
I dont't know how much true this story is but, Is Google spreadsheet,etc safer than firebase or is firebase itself safe.

How can we limit it to bill only 0$ :thinking:

I don't recall ever giving Google my credit card info.

On the other hand, my Google based examples are so boring and obscure that they get very little usage.

You can decide ... Usage and billing dashboard - Firebase Help and Firebase Pricing

No online data storage is entirely "safe". "Safe is a relative term. You have to determine what safe means to you and read the terms of service for each product.

App Inventor and MIT haven't any control regarding the costs and usage of Google's products you might be responsible for through using those products. This is the developer's responsibility. You might send a message to Google asking them.

This says "For each of these products, Firebase offers a quota of free usage. If you're on a free-tier billing plan, your project is capped at this free-quota threshold."

If the google spreadsheet becomes too large and the drive runs out of storage will they just stop storing data or will they themselves start giving more storage and make a big bill.

will they just stop storing more data ?

See some of the answers here under Pricing:

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