Is cloud dB free to use

I want to make a chat app. So,is clouddb and tiny db free and which is better.

Are they both free?

If you want to make a chat app you have to use clouddb because cloud db is online storage, while tinydb is offline storage so you can't create a chat app using tinydb.

For more information, you can see here

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So is clouddb free?

Yes Free as long as you use a server from MIT. If you want to use your own server you have to pay

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So if we use datadb will it be public or only people with the app can view the data

It's Not Public

So can we store like about 100mb of data

Yes, of course. But you can only store text data

So how will we send audio data and other type of data

If we use firebase instead of datadb can we send other files

Is it possible to send other type of data in any ways

you can use firebase storage extension.
Please see the extension here



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Thank you for taking your time :slight_smile:

Where is the firebase storage extension

Got it thanks :+1:

You're welcome :+1: :smiley: :+1:

With Base64 extension you can convert image, sound,... file to text and upload to FireBaseDB or CloudDB.

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You can store binary files to cloudDB, it automatically converts them to base64 on assignment

Using the MIT provided cloudDB is only provided for testing and development, It should not be used for production apps. The server is not continually monitored and can be unreliable/down on occasion.

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