Is anti auto clicker possible?

hello guys, i am making a clicker app and i was wondering if its possible to make an anti auto clicker because the game is not fair to play if someone has an auto clicker. is something like count how many times a player has clicked the screen and if the number of clicks (x) goes over this amount (y) under this much seconds (z), its probably an auto-clicker, or any other ideas. thank u anyways

Pull in the Clock from the Sensors drawer.

Save start instant and use a Duration between start and Now() to get milliseconds spent clicking.

If the click count divided by the Duration is too high, complain.


can you send me an example with blocks please? i dont really understand you, sorry. thanks for the reply anyway

Give us a number.

What is the maximum number of clicks per second that is acceptable?

7 clicks per second is max

Here is a sample app to test (I have supper now)

clicker_ABG.aia (3.5 KB)

P.S. My math might be off by a factor of 1000

Here is a newer version, using a Clock Timer to test for peak rate violations.
Cheated clicker_ABG.aia (4.0 KB)

sample run

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Maybe you add a cooldown?

Closing the and restarting the app is your cooldown.

I don't get it

I am not sure what you mean by a cooldown.

Does it involve temperature?
Do I have to hold the phone to my forehead, or insert it somewhere?

I mean that if the user clicks it while it keeps "cooldowning", nothing happens

When does a cooldown start, and
when does a cooldown end?

P.S. Now would be a good time to start reading through all the block types for the Clock component. You will need to understand

  • Instants
  • milliseconds
  • Durations