Is an extension like this (blur background) possible to make

hi can someone make me a extension that dims the background for example-----Vertical arrangement 1 = so what it does here is it dims everything but vertical arrangemnet 1
So it basically focuses on that particular arrangement and dims everything else

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You mean something like -

I am not sure if it works with App Inventor.... @MohamedTamer

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Thank you but what i want is just to blur the background not to make the components disable

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There is a blur extension somewhere, you could blur the "other" components....

Without extension just do some colour changes to the other components

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can you show me a small example please

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See here:

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I tried that extension before but i didnt work in my app

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I suggest you try out and test the spotlight extension, it appears to do what you are asking for....


Yea but the spotlight extension disable all the components in the screen when it is on

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Would something like this work for you:

highlightOne.aia (2.4 KB)

@TIMAI2 Is this possible to remove bg of image in appinventor

You could do it manually by adding an image to the foreground on a canvas and outlining what you want to keep.

You could also look at imagemagick and send an image online to handle the transformation.

Other than that some kind of extension that can automagically remove the background.

Yes I want to do same but how to get image like thqt