Is a number picker possible?

is there a “number picker” in the same style as the “time picker”.
I like the idea of pop up.
how to build it if it does not exist?
thank you

Please explain why you might need this - it might be easier to just allow the user to type in a number then check their entry with conditions. e.g. >100 / not minus. You can set a textbox to numbers only which will show a number keypad.

it’s just because the picker is displayed above, and because what I already use the timepicker to stay in the same spirit

You could create your own numberpad with buttons and use the dialog extension to pop it up ?

Here’s a sample to build on for your own picker …!msg/mitappinventortest/lFXcJDmbsMA/stKrIpKtBQAJ

For a solution without extensions, you can use a ListPicker (which will create a dialog as you wanted) and use blocks to automatically create numbered list items in your desired range.

ok thanks everyone i will try!

Here is a number picker example using the EasyDialog extension

numberPicker1.aia (9.3 KB)

I also wanted something like that. I needed an numberfield in which the number can be changed by the user, but usually just + 5 or -5. So a textfield (numbers only) is overload, because then the keyboard becomes visible and that's not nice.
I added two buttons around the textfield, - and +.
In the blocks add some click listeners that do +1 of -1 on the number in the textfield.
You could also style it vertically ofcourse like a datepicker. You won't get exactly the same look as e datepicker, but it has a bit same look and feel.

some further searching brought me here, looks like Android had such a component, I guess Appinventor has to add it?

You can make your own

numberpicker.aia (2.9 KB)