Irritant setImageWidth ... but there are no images?

Today's mystery error was that all of a sudden, a student who was testing with an iPad started getting a pair of weird errors that hadn't been happening for the last half hour:

  • No images used in the app, but they were getting a runtime error with the message, "Error from Companion: error: unrecognized method (irritants: setImageWidth)". They doublechecked all their components that had the option to add an image, and all were set to "none."

  • Once they closed the error and Companion, it would show an error on one of their variables where they initialized it. Clicking to see the error, it was "Network Connection Error," which I have never seen before.

Not sure where these are coming from, and no idea what a connection error means for a variable?

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The ImageWidth property is a new property on the ListView component. This was added in the last major Android release but an iOS update is still pending to add it. If your student's project uses a ListView, try reseting that property back to Automatic and the error should go away.

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They were using a ListView - thank you! I'll check in with them tomorrow and see if resetting it allows them to test with an iPad.