Iphone companion issues

Im having some issues with the iphone app inventor companion:

  • when i click on a textbox to type the different components on my screen overlap each other and kind of smush together.
  • the textbox hints dont appear and they are not shaded in (on default setting) like they are when texting on other devices

Changed your topic from #bugs to #appinventor-ios

Can you tell the model of your phone and iOS version you are using. Maybe you can post an aia that shows the behavior you are describing.

i have an iphone 8 and im on ios 14.4

today the textbox hints are appearing but the outline still isnt there, and the screen still smushes together. I'll attach a screenshot

Hmm. Yes that is certainly an issue. What is the status of the Scrollable property on the screen and are you using multiple nested VerticalArrangements?

The screen is set to scrollable. and the layout for those buttons is:
a table arrangement with 4 rows and 2 columns, and each counter(minus button, textbox, plus button) is in a horizontal in the table arrangement

i probably made that more confusing than necessary

That's alright that it's complicated. We obviously want to be able to handle these more sophisticated cases. I assume you've tested it on Android and that it worked okay there?

yes i had none of these types of issues when using the chrome book companion.

Except for some reason when i tested the same app with no changes to my code on the chrome book i got an error, but it runs fine on my phone besides from these bugs... (i havent tested this in a few days, ill check this issue again later )

Ok. If you wouldn't mind sharing the app with us, please send the AIA file to me as a private message and we will add it to our testing rotation.

i just sent it, i think i did it right.