IPA compiler error with the app icon for ios v 17.2

The IPA compiler has today the attached error with the app icon (1024x1024 px). Yesterday the same AIA was running well but today has this mistake:

The AIA has the right app icon,

Hello @ewpatton,
Has changed anything in the iOS builder server?

I had tested without icon and the builder has the same compiler error.

Taking a look...

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Ok. I think it should be fixed now. Please try again.

Solved. Now the IPA builder is running well.

I have a compilation error with iOS when adding an icon to my App (ipa builder).
If I create a brand new app (with nothing except the provision file), it compiles fine, if I just add an icon, I have this error:

Here is my aia file: Test_Icon.aia (15.3 KB)

I am using 2.64.6-7 version of iosbuilder:

You are right. I have the same mistake. I'is a recurrent error.

Confirmed. But a (non-empty) app won't compile even if no app icon is set:

I am looking into it.

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Ok. The server should be working again.


YES! It is working fine with new version 2.64.6-8