iOS Settings Project generate problems for the IPA-AdHoc

If I put a description in the iOS Settings Project on the iOS-AI2:

I receive this mistake when I runs the .IPA AdHoc file:

The IPA only runs well if I don't put noting in all the iOS Settings fields Project.

How can we manage these descriptions on the iOS Settings Project?
Are they necesary for the Built AppStore package? For the IPA fileds doesn't run well.

This is an oversight on my part. I'll fix it in the next buildserver version.

If we have send this settings info with null data on the iOS-Build file, can it generate problems in the App near revission (aprobed or denied) for the Apple people?

Only if you end up using components that need those permissions.

I need the Fine Location Permission.
How many time would you need to correct this issue in the builder server?

I have a bunch of pending bug fixes so possibly this week.

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