iOS Save Canvas Problem

Using the Canvas1.Save block the image is saved into the iOS sandboxed file system. This is not navigable without plugging the device into a computer and accessing the Package Contents of AI2 Companion.

My quick (mostly un-informed) research indicates that if AI2 Companion adds 2 keys inside the App's Info.plist file the iOS Files app will be able to browse to it...


Thanks for the report. We'll look into enabling this.

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Do you also look at the reports from the bug report form? (I reported some bugs but they have not been fixed yet) By the way need to update the form because I have iPados14 (IOS14) and there is no this option

Yes. I think I've fixed one of the bugs you've reported and one of the other team members is looking into the speech recognizer report.

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Beta 0.9 (8) now provides access. Wow, that was fast. Thanks!

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