iOS: Runtime error. invalid application. Irritants: (#!null)

This app runs on Android phones. I tried to Connect / AI Companion to my iPhone. I shot the QR code and my app's home screen showed up on the phone. Then this runtime error shows up on my Mac. I'm willing to share the app with someone if you'd like.

OS X 10.15.7, Macbook Pro
iOS 14.4, iPhone 12

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 7.52.18 PM

Maybe tell what components you use and show your blocks.

Hmm. Null is a fairly rare case and we try not to show it to the users typically. I'd also be curious in seeing more of the project. Feel free to PM it to me if you'd rather not post it publicly.

Thanks. I'm including the application here.
BasicRobotControl.aia (67.3 KB)

Thanks @jschrempp. I've filed an issue and we will work on figuring out why this error is occurring.

Hi, this is an old question, but I just had this problem as well today (4th June 2023). Was there any solution to the problem?


I also want an answer

The initial issue was fixed in a previous release. There may be other parts of the code base that cause this problem. If you have a specific project that causes the error and share it with us we can use that to determine additional problem points in the code.