iOS Offline Build

Disclaimer: I am an Android user but i am currently interested in learning how iOS .IPA Signing works
I normally use AI2Offline, but in this case i found out this article
Well, even if i am required to publish an app to an Apple Developer account, i can freely test my apps on a jailbroken device (in theory). The only issue is that i want to change data that cannot be changed with MIT App Inventor. The issue is that if i want to do this with Android i can simply Use AI2Offline (That only supports Android Build Server for APK and AAB) but it allows changing data like the build number. For Android, i could also decompile the app, update manually the data and then recompile it back
The only issue is that i am a little bit confuses about how to do this on iOS. For now i am just going to read around this topic, if someone can help it will be appreciated

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