iOS message problem for Location Permission use

When the App need the Permission Location of the user the iOS system show the automatic message: "The feature is requested by a library but not used by this App".

This message is wrong, The App really NEEDS the location.

The Apple technician report an App issue for this mistake messsage to the user. Is possible to solve this issue with the builder. I think the sw is asking for a library locations but it is necesary for a location use.

Any recomendation how I manage this topic with Apple?

The problem is not asking for a permission in the App. It runs well and is not necesary. It happens automatically when the app enable the location sensor. The problem is the internal iOS message text because this message is not conssitent with the target and the Apple technician reports an issue for this reason. And this his message text is managed internally for the iOS System.

Then disable it in the Designer.

The problem happens only inside the Apple center. In companion and IPA all run well.
The problem is the internally iOS TEXT message to ask or prompt permission the user. Read the text inside the first image. This text message is internally of the iOS and it happens in the IPA or Apple-Build.

The text message for me is OK, but for the Apple Technician not. But the message is intern of the iOS system.

The internal iOS TEXT message says: "The feature is requested by a library but not used by this App". For the Apple technician this is not right. The App needs and use the locations. I can not manage this TEXT message with my App.

The App needs the location. I said is not necesary AskforPermission event because it happens automatcally when you put available in the blocks the sensor location.

This internal iOS TEXT message is wrong:

The App needs the Locations Sensor and the App asks correctlly for the user permission. But the iOS text message says a confus text.... and at the end the Apple Technician says it is wrong. Difficult to understand why it happens. But it is real. It seems like a crazy topic.

@ewpatton I find the real problem for this issue. I think can be solved for the AI2 developers (@ewpatton ).
In the personal Iphone Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services you can see for every app the message description to show the users when they use the sensor location:

In my app nomisCP the data location has this description writtenfor the AI2 developpers:

This TEXT message is internal of the App and off course it is written for the AI2 developers (not for my App).

This message is very confus for the users
And the Apple Technician not accept this message as you can see. It would be necesary to change the text for other whit more and real comprensive description.

In others Apps the message is better. For example this:

Or inclusive as you have for the iOS-Companion app:

Please, can you change the message description when the App is using a location sensor?
With the current message Apple not accept the AI2 App using a sensor location.

@Anke thanks for showing me the way to find the problem.

I suposse that the text can we write in the Project Properties > iOS Settings is the solution:

But as you know of before issues report if we put the text in this iOS setting we receive a fatal runtime error app running the IPA:

I think that if you solve the iOS setting issue the solution for this problem will be ready.

Hi @ewpatton
This issue is a jobstoper for me because I can not send a new version of my app to Apple Store.
I would appreciate it if you could solve it in the next bug fix version.

Also, from Apple I have a report-issues of Location Sensor only in version 17.4.1. It happens a system-error for use the location services. You can see in the attached image. It happens only in version 17.4 (the newest)

Can you review this issue toghether with the iOS-Setiing Texts of the iOS Propreties Project? Thanks

I have a couple big deadlines this week but I will see about whether the fix I have in mind will suppress the errors in the app after settings the Info.plist strings. If that doesn't work there's a bit of engineering that will have to be done to fix this.

So unfortunately my initial attempt didn't seem to fix the issue. There may be a logic bug in App Inventor I need to track down and correct.

Ok. Thank you so much.

I've deployed an update to the server that should fix the Info.plist issue. It's unclear whether the error in your screenshot is related to that or not. In my simple test app where I use a button to enable the LocationSensor and then display the lat/long in a label, I get the appropriate prompt. Do you have a simple test app that would demonstrate the issue directly?

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The mistake about the sensor location was reported me direct from Apple testing in iOS v 17.4 when I had sent the app to the App Store Apple. On other versions it not happens. I can not test it because I have not this version.

In this issue I have two mistakes from Apple. One is the iOS settings not moved to Apple plist in the Project Properties and the other is the runtime error only in v 17.4 as Applle said me.

Apple has sent me the copy image from my app when Apple people detect in my App the runtime error in the ScreenErrorOcurref event and only in v17.4. In other versions the app runs well.

Hm. I wonder if the error involved is because a location sensor is enabled and the iPad they are testing on has location services turned off. You could always try to filter out error code 104 in your ErrorOccurred event and not show that dialog under that scenario.

Ok. Thanks for your suggestion. Tomorrow I will try and I will report about.

I will see what I can do about trying to simulate a device without location services to see if it will trigger the error.

Hello @ewpatton

I had tested the iOS Settings texts to prompt the users for special sensors utilization.

With the IPA files now is running well. For me this topic is solved. Now when the user install the App he is prompted for the reasons that I had wrote on the iOS Settings Texts to allow the Location Sensor.

I hope when I send the App to Apple Review it will be also well.