iOS crash when saving dictionary to DB (connection mode)

iOS with AI Companion

Steps to reproduce

  1. Call funciton [TinyWebDB.StoreValue] or [CloudDB.AppendValueToList]
  2. Create a dictionary as a value to be stored
  3. Trigger a button click event to execute

The app is crashed when click button

Sample Code


  1. If building this app as .apk and running it in a emulator. The dictionary can be stored in DB.
  2. In step 2, if changing dictionary to text or list, iOS will not crash.

@yoapp Could you please let me know what device you are using? I don't see the crash when storing value to tinywebDB but I do have problems getting data out of DB after storing it.

iPhone 11, iOS 14.4.1(18D61)

BTW, after some effort, I can use an emulator on my PC to test my code now.

Actually, the app is very finicky in itself. This is just one of many bugs that the iOS version brings, which I could not track (since the same code that I use works well on the Android emulator).

If you would like, please upload your app here so that we can look at it as well.