iOS Connection Error -Stalls

I am using an IPhone iOS 14.4 - When I connect the companion, it begins dowloading the assets and stalls at 95% Have tried reset, hard reset, reconnecting. Is this a known problem or perhaps I am missing something in connecting to the companion?

Welcome @Lisa_Douthit

Maybe you can tell something about your project. Especially the components and assets you use.

Hi @Lisa_Douthit,

The computer and your iPhone should be on the same network. If you're in a school or corporate environment, you may also need to check with your IT department to make sure that any firewalls allow for the computer to make TCP connections to the phone on port 8001.

Hey Thank You! This might be the issue. If so simple solution & I will try again this afternoon. So just to clarify. They would both need to be on the same wifi network? I am sure i was just using cellular for the phone & my home wifi for the computer. So not same right? I thought they simply communicated over bluetooth.


Yes, at the moment the iOS version only works when the two devices are on the same network. In a future version we will add support for testing over cellular similar to how the Android version currently works.

If you still encounter issues when you're testing, please let us know.

same issue here, i have same wifi connection on my pc and phone but the project is stuck at 90% forever, before the 2.64 update came out it still worked

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