iOS Companion bug - Arrangements Auto Resize

Below Screenshot is what the Arrangement should looklike.

But it Auto-Resizes if it was initially Hidden in Designer and then make it visible through blocks.

iOS_Bug.aia (1.7 KB)

@ewpatton plan a fix in future releases, tried on regular and TestFlight latest version of Companion.

Also there is a bug while setting the Width as Fill Parent, which also Autoresizes as below image

Setting up in Percentage, it works fine, but if it has components inside, then all of them Resizes automatically. Hope this bug is for all components I think so as I have tested with arrangements, buttons,textboxes and all performs same.

Same way Height is set as Automatic, the size of the component looks bigger

I had solved this issue with tests to can put fix-variable dimensions as, for example, WidthComponentX=85%*ScreenWidth, only where I have the problem. The result is almost responsive.

Thanks for reply,
Sure will try it out and update here

iOS_Bug2.aia (2.2 KB)

Thanks @Anke Main width of blue component works fine, but inner component width adjusts automatically

can you show any demo blocks as setting up any of the below blocks doesn’t work fine.

85 is wrong. It MUST be 0.85. It's a % (85% = 0.85) of the width screen. The second block will be right but with 0.85.


See above video,
If we initially hide this in designer and then unhide using blocks, the component below TextBox resizes smaller

Even if I set this the width to FillParent and setting in the blocks as 0.85*ScrWidth, it doesn't Fill the screen.

But following above AIA makes the FillParent works fine

To full fill the screen you need put: 1*ScrWidth. With 85% you only fill the 85% of the screen width.

Yes works fine and i understood clearly
Thanks for a temporary solution, but i hope @ewpatton will fix this in future updates

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