Ios에서 블록을 복제 할 수 있나요? (Can I duplicate blocks in iOS?)

제가 iod를해서 복제가 않되서 불편했어요 혹시 다른방법이 있을까요?

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I iod, and by replication is not was it ever different way there?

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I was inconvenient because I did iod and it was not duplicated. Is there any other way?

Hello 동규 김

We do not understand your issue! Please provide a more detailed explanation of the problem, with images if appropriate. What is "IOD"?

App Inventor for iOS should allow Blocks to be duplicated. (right-mouse-click duplicate), because the App Inventor IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the same for both Android and iOS, with the exception of the availability of some component types in iOS.