iOS build server updated to 2.64.6

Hello everyone,

We have updated the test server for iOS builds to use the code for 2.64.6, which is currently pending Apple approval in TestFlight. This version includes a critical fix to CloudDB and some fixes for Player and VideoPlayer.

Note that we are still investigating the issue with screen initialization. The server may be updated again if we come up with a fix, in which case I will post an update here.

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
Lead Software Engineer, MIT App Inventor



As I already said, I tested it with Companion 2.64.6 and the IPA on the iOS build server and it works perfectly with both (also playing in the background).

So I was amazed - and even more so now - that it worked with the IPA as well.
Any explanation for this? :woman_shrugging:

I'm currently having the server add the audio background mode to every compiled app as a short term solution. Longer term we will need to implement a project level property to enable this so apps that don't need it won't get dinged by App Store review.

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Thanks for the explanation.
(Most of the time there are answers that you wouldn't have expected. :wink:)

Ok, but since I definitely need it for my app, I don't necessarily have to wait for this update. Correct?
But there's no problem waiting for the update either.

Correct. However, when the update goes out you will need to manually enable support for background audio in the new property. As usual I will make an announcement post when it happens but not until sometime in January as I haven't yet coded it.

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Hello @ewpatton
I had tested my app in the iOS Server (3):
a) With Companion v. 2.65.4 (13) ALL is running well.
b) With the IPA build package Ad Hoc generated I have this initial error in my iPhone X with iOS v 16.7.4:

When we have the same level upgarde of the iOS COmpnanion with the build iOS IPA? (a date only planned will be good)

Thanks for your answer?

If I delete a lot of blocks and designs (until to have only one screen with few blocks) I receive the same initial mistake with the IPA file Ad Hoc.

I already pointed this out on Oct. 4th:


I have only the Screen1 (no more, only ONE screen) and the Initilize block is not empty.

Try to use a timer instead of the Screen.Initialize event. It should work with the IPA.

Ups¡¡¡ NON and NON = YES.
You have right. With non Initilize Screen and whith a Timer Event to replace the Intilize Screen Event than I have not the 'environment' mistake.

But, the result when I execute the IPA is full different beetween Companion and IPA:
a) Whith Companion:

All is right.

b) With IPA build file:

Full wrong design screen as you can see on the images attached.

With iOS (Xcode/Swift) it's all quite tricky with the layout. In particular, "Stack views" and "Constraint"s are used here to arrange elements (relatively) to each other. This is anything but trivial. So you should avoid “Automatic” and instead set either percentage or absolute values.

Gracias @Anke ,
Before modifying all the screen designs while maintaining the integrity between Android and iOS (it is no easy), I would appreciate it if @ewpatton could inform us about when he can have the iOS IPA Compiler with iOS Companion at the same update level. I have all running welll with ios Companion 2.65.4. The problem is to have a old version for the IPA builder in version 2.64.4.

See also here:

The differences between iOS and Android are so significant that I would never think of arranging them together in a single AI2 project. And that's not just because I don't want to do without extensions on Android, but because of many other factors (layout, file system, storage architecture, permissions, standby mode (Android: Doze), app icon, File component (most methods only on Android), different media formats (and therefore completely different assets for iOS), ...

I have the full integrity between iOS and Android with the Companion runs but not with APK and IPA, I don't understand this topic. I think the compiler in Companion and the Builder Compilers are the same code

The question is this:

I have one AIA running the same resultats whit Android Companion and the APK

And why not have the same resultats when I run the same AIA with the iOS Companion and the iIPA?

@ewpatton can we have the same resultat when I runs a same AIA with the iOS Companion ant their IPA file?