IOS Beta for Students

Hi Team, I have taught App Inventor for a few years now and really like it as an introduction for my middle schoolers. We have been doing distance learning all year and most of my students don't have an Android device at home. The emulator is pretty reliable on personal Mac and Chromebooks, but not available on our district Chromebooks and Flaky on many personal Windows computers. I am on the IOS beta and would love to have my students help troubleshoot and work on the IOS beta as well. Is there a way to make the IOS available to 62 of my students. If they run into any issues, I would have them share it with me and pass it along to all of you. This would make the experience far more successful and engaging for many of my students. This is also a topic I hope we can released to students for the 2021-2022 school year as hybrid learning starts to look like a very real, very distinct possibility for our students.Thanks for consideration and the feedback.